DrupalJedi specializes in large complex projects with following full-time support.
We provide full-range web services.

Philosophy of the company is based on the concepts of Dao Toyota and lean production. We also apply the Agile methodology and principles of the XP and Scrum.

Exploring new things is our lifestyle and we constantly integrate the most successful innovations into development process. Five years of experience allows us to execute any project as quickly as possible without loss of quality.

Some facts about us:
-40+ Drupal developers
-More than 150 000+ human-hours in Drupal development
-More than 270+ contributions to Drupal modules

Our slogan is "We don't just code, we're looking for the best solutions."

Community contribution:

DrupalJedi is an organization member of Drupal Association

DrupalJedi is an organization member of Siberian Drupal non-profit organisation "DrupalSib".
We were involved in organization of 8 Novosibirsk and 1 Tomsk Drupal Cafes since 2011 as member of DrupalSib .
Also 5 Drupal schools have been organized in Novosibirsk, Russia, for students with different knowledge level.

We also cooperate with colleges in Novosibirsk region, Siberia in sphere of innovations in education.

DrupalJedi was involved in:

1. Drupal Camp MSK, 2014
2. Sankt-Petersburg Drupal Camp, 2014
3. Drupal Code Sprint in Khakriv, Aprile, 2012
4. Moscow Drupal Camp, 2012

DrupalJedi is a Drupal department of international IT group of companies i20 (http://i20.biz). We also members of the IT cluster in Novosibirsk region and non-profit organisation "SibAcademSoft".

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