DrupalJedi is Drupal specialized team-oriented company with headquarters in Russia, Novosibirsk.

We specialize in high-load projects with full-time support in future.
The company's philosophy includes the concept of Agile development, XP, Scrum.
We are the company of professionals who are interested in learning new things and integrating the most successful innovations into development process.
Our slogan are "Find easiest and cheapest solutions for our business clients" and "We don't just code, we're looking for the best solutions."

We are very experienced in deployment, what helps us to make stable projects.
We use planning poker for estimation of projects and demonstrate all accomplished work to client after each sprint.
Our developers work in teams and they are ready to make the project as quickly as possible without loss of quality.

DrupalJedi is a Drupal department of international IT-company i20.

DrupalJedi is organization member of Siberian Drupal community Drupalsib
DrupalJedi was involved in DrupalCodeSprint in Khakriv (Aprile, 2012).
DrupalJedi was involved in Moscow DrupalCamp 2012.

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