Re-think your e-commerce strategy during CMS migration
Learn about 2-in-1 solution for China-based travel agency WindhorseTour
WindhorseTour was looking to create a new version of the website with responsive modern design, especially to improve customer experience on its website.
At some point, you can find yourself pursuing the goal to always using recent technologies and library versions. During the long-living project lifetime, it's hard to keep a clear separation when an upgrade of some technology brings benefits or you are a hostage and must to upgrade.

But what if by following technology trends we modernize business process at the same time?

At the moment of the project start, Drupal 8 and Commerce 2 finally have considered stable.
In the same time, mobile traffic has reached a significant level for WindhorseTour. That's time to improve the interface to help visitors easily find tours from their phones and tablets.
It was decided to introduce a new responsive design during migration to Drupal 8.

Project website:

Points of attention
Content migration

The previous website exists several years and for that time was created a lot of content. Most part of the data is really important, it couldn't be lost.

Moreover, new responsive design means a new structure of content, which sometimes doesn't match to existing website structure. Drupal Jedi team took care about the best fit existing data with the new design.

20 000+

pieces of content were migrated

different types of content were migrated

Easy entry

WindhorseTour employees are using the website to processing orders, contact with customers and etc. It was important to make painless move their work from the previous website to the new one.

To ensure that at the initial phase of the project we discussed key functionality, which should be presented on the new website. To improve the work of the Sales team, on the new website was integrated CRM and implemented synchronization of data with Drupal.

The release date was carefully thought out to ensure minimal downtime of the previous and new website.

back and forth orders sync with CRM

custom dashboards implemented to provide additional information to Sales team
* we care about the safety of customer's data, so this screenshot is a sample from the CRM website
Don't be lost

One of the important things is to avoid existing visitors to be lost. They should be able to find the necessary information on the new website and go through links they have.

Main points:
- migrated content should keep URL and metatags as it was on the previous site
- not migrated content should redirect to pages, where a visitor can find similar information

Drupal Jedi and WindhorseTour teams closely worked on these points to ensure that existing visitors will be not lost and new can easily find the website.


URL aliases migrated with content
2 000+

unique redirects configured for SEO
New look and feel
Improved customer experience
Responsive design allows customers to use the website on their mobile and tablet devices.
Better products catalogue
On new site available product catalog with search facets. It allows customers to quickly find a tour, which they are looking for.
Process efficiency
The new website closely integrated with external CRM. Orders, contacts, products are synced bi-directionally and automatically.
Up to date
Drupal 7 will reach end-of-life in November of 2021 and will be no longer supported by the community, so it is the time for migrating the website to Drupal 8. All required functionality was ported to the new website.
Content migration
Existing content was moved to a new website with the best fit to new design and structure.
Implemented several product types, some of them can have many variations. Each product type has a different checkout process and discounts logic.
A key factor of success is a collaboration between all parties
From the initial step of project, we closely work with the WindhorseTour team. Some times third parties were involved to help us make work the best way.

On this project, Drupal Jedi team took a lead role in development, slicing and project management. Design, UX and QA were provided by the WindhorseTour team.

WindhorseTour had previous experience to work with Drupal and the product owner has good technical skills and vision of the whole project, it made our conversations more effective.

You can look at the new WindhorseTour website.
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