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Web service and mobile application for cliping and bookmarking of most exciting moments of the video.
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Tilda Publishing
Tilda Publishing
For new startups, it's essential to give a brilliant UX and overall service performance while maintaining flexibility and ability to bring your MVP to market very fast. From the early beginning of the project, we identified the primary focus on flexibility. That's why an excellent technical architecture and technical design became must-have attributes of implementation.

As you can see from the Project structure diagram, the system looks quite complicated, but this is a trade-off we accepted to allow product team to move fast through the learning cycle and find Product/Market fit.
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Pieces of the site have been built as Angular applications driven by a separate API to achieve high performance.

Progressively decoupled

By the nature Fire.to is designed to work with video and online streams on a low level.
That's why we create native iOS and Android apps with deep integration of player APIs.

Native mobile experience

Omnichannel as a requirement was the reason to create a unique UX for Apple watch and Tizen.

Wearable devices experience

It's crucial to allow others to integrate Fire.to functionality on own sites to build a successful platform.
Thanks to the decoupled design we easily introduced a Chrome plugin based on the same code.

JS components

# Progressively decoupled

# Mobile apps

# Wearable devices

# High performance

# Drupal 8

# Angular

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